From Our President


Dear TOS family:


Our High Holy Days this year were certainly different than any other year before, and yet I found myself very moved by what unfolded before us.  I know that many of you felt the same way and thank you for the feedback we’ve received.  I want to give a special thanks to all who participated in the services; Rabbi Kanter for the many hours he spent modifying our services, Barry Zweiban, Ray Mintz and the Ritual Committee for the long hours they spent assigning honors and calling everyone who was involved, Bill Altman who was so extremely generous about his time in setting up the music and the pictures that it’s hard to find the right words to thank him for all of his efforts.  Thanks to Joel Powell for being our backup, if we needed one!  Ken Rosenberg, our lay Cantor, did an amazing job this year with all the extra music he had.  Thanks, Ken – you add so much to our services.  Is there anyone who’s not moved by Larry Katz’s Shofar blowing?  We are so lucky to have him!  Arline Rosen, with her beautiful viola rendition of Kol Nidre, also has to be thanked.  That music just goes to our souls.  Thanks so much, Arline.  Last, but not least, I want to thank all the members of the choir.  Because of their dedication and commitment the last fourteen years, we were able to utilize the music of last year’s Yom Kippur services to enhance this year’s services.  It was great to hear all their voices accompanied by Jerry Anderson’s masterful accompaniments!  Personally, as choir director, I miss them all a great deal.  I always refer to them as “my choir family” which they really are.


Your Board continues to do its work via Zoom, and that is going very well.   As you know, The Board decided that our Yom Kippur Food Appeal for Bluffton Self Help had to be different this year.  Since Sukkot is such a fabulous “Harvest Festival” we want to commemorate it with a food drive in early October instead of Yom Kippur.  This will be a wonderful way to observe Sukkot with those who are in such great need.  You have already received an email about this food drive.  There is a tremendous need in the area right now and I know your generosity will make a difference.


Also, the Board has asked the Tikkun Olam committee, headed by Deena Chontow to do a “Mittens Project” again this year because it is a wonderful cause.  Despite Covid, there will still be young people who are cold this winter and we can help fill an important need.  The mittens, hats, gloves, etc. must be brand new.  Watch for a flyer to come out in October.


I continue to hope and pray that you all stay well and healthy.


Shalom,                                                                    Terrie Weintraub

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