From Our President

Dear TOS family:


I suspect I’m not the only one happy to see the year 2020 in the rearview mirror.  And yet, I need to express the gratitude I feel for all who work with such dedication for our Congregation.  We have been challenged this year, for sure, and we’ve all risen to the occasion because of congregants who care so much.  Despite the Covid pandemic, we’ve been able to hold beautiful High Holy Day services as well as monthly Shabbat services and a wonderful variety of educational sessions.  I am very proud of everyone’s adaptability – including all of you who continue to participate. 


As I mentioned last month, we are increasing our charitable contributions due to the hunger problem in our area and in the country.  We are working on a joint Food Drive with Second Helpings, a wonderful non-profit in our area.  During this pandemic, we think it’s so important to do what we can to help.  Watch your emails for more information on this project.  I know you’ll be supportive.


The Board has decided to move forward with the remaining repair on our Torah, so it’s been shipped to the Sofer in New York for the remainder of the work to be done.  It will certainly be back before we’re in need of it again.


I begin 2021 with the hope that this pandemic will be behind us sometime during the year.  Most of us are in the group that will be vaccinated early, which is a relief.  Once it’s safe, it will be exciting to see you all in person again.  I’m sure most of us are ready for that.  In the meantime, we will continue to do our best to offer you beautiful Shabbat services and thoughtful and invigorating educational opportunities.


I pray that you’ll all be safe and healthy in the coming year, along with all your loved ones.


Stay safe and be well.


Shalom,                                                                  Terrie Weintraub

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