From Our President

Dear Friends,

As we move into summer and are slowly returning to “normal”     activities, we reflect on those we lost and others who have suffered in this pandemic. For me, I lost a few friends and acquaintances and am happy to put this behind me. Last year, I bravely drove to Boston and could not even enter my daughter’s home!  This year I was welcomed and had a great visit.

I am writing this from Beverly, MA, where I am spending a week with my new granddaughter, Charlee, 3 months old, and her big

sister, Hazel, age 2.  Their parents are here, too.

In July we will return to in-person services.  Congregants who want to sit with friends are asked to sit in the center sections of the sanctuary.  Sides will be distanced seating with mask requirements.  We ask that only fully vaccinated TOS members attend in person.

We will also be streaming the services.  So, if you are out of town or more comfortable staying at home, we will accommodate you!

The streaming service offers us a unique fundraising opportunity.  The church is charging us for use of their equipment.  We did not place a line item in the budget for this as it was not finalized when we approved the budget. We are calling this The Mitzvot Project.  Our fee will be approximately $150.00 per service.  You can     sponsor an entire service or half. Your names, if you wish, will be acknowledged at the service.

Please help make the streaming option available to our congregants.  Donations can be sent to the TOS mailbox.

Enjoy the hot summer weather.  See you at services!

                                                                                            Carol Liff


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